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What you get as a paid member?

Paid area is much more than just photos.
It at first is your security - spammers, cheaters and pedophiles won't piss you off, as even if they will pay for membership, they can be tracked easily, then banned and reported to right authorities. Paid area will protect kids from accessing pornographic content (bad language and pornographic images). People post their own photos on a frequent basis, now imagine that they need to hide their body parts, their faces, also some of them refuse to post photos at all because they are visible for all the world, even for their parents/kids, etc... So inside of paid area, people will be safe that their photos are posted in a safe area and only the people who are serious (who paid for membership) can view these special photos. It will be more chance to find a good/real partner for chat and sex there too, believe us, now you don't know if persons you are discussing on are real. Are they really somebody who you think they are? You can't be sure that a 35 year old woman (for instance) is not a 16 year kid who makes fun by fooling you. You can be fooled by so many ways...

Why will it is worth to pay for membership?
There are some more facts about paid memberships, paid members will get:
  • unrestricted access to all forums
  • unlimited access to all archives and thousands of photos
  • viewing of birthdays of other members
  • ability to have signatures in every message they write
  • ability to search forums (powerful advanced search)
  • ability to rate threads
  • ability to post polls on threads and also vote on polls
  • ability to use avatars (however only after they posted 20 or more times)
  • ability to use custom avatars (upload their own avatars)
  • space to store 100 private messages (instead of 5)
  • ability to send private messages to 5 users at once (instead of 2)
  • ability to deny private message read receipt requests
  • private message tracking
  • ability to view calendar, post events and see other members' events
  • ability to use reputation, leave negative reputation and see who left user ratings
  • and much more features

So now you ask yourself this question: isn't all this worth 10$/month price? God damn, this is only 33 cents per day. Can't you pay such a funny price just to be safe, have more fun, save your time and feel yourself comfortable?

Actually, it's not our team who would take all the money, they money is needed for making a comfortable site with fast server, good software and people hired to moderate the posting.






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